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March 02, 2005

About CR UVa

Welcome to The Red Stater. I recently became interested in web logs after reading a few of the more prominent ones, including Michelle Malkin, Commonwealth Conservative, and Brain-Terminal (though this website is more prominently focused on mini-documentaries). Being the young, opinionated fellow that I am, I understood that I could make an impact, even if just to a few people.

Just a little about myself: I am a conservative, Christian male (don't read too much into that, I am not a complete stereotype). I currently attend the University of Virginia, where I am working on a degree in the sciences (yeah, very far from politics) and am an active member of the College Republicans. I don't believe my writing abilities compare to those of my peers in the blogging community, but I believe my opinions on political correctness, foreign policy, and other topics are relevant and deserve exposure. I look forward to contributing to the blogging community and perhaps even getting to know some of my fellow bloggers.

Note to anyone who has been to this blog before: I changed my Blogger ID the week of May 1st to protect my identity. If you have visited here before, I would request that you use my new ID when referring to me.

Note #2: This section was altered slightly on July 22nd, at a reader's recent suggestion. A few months of blogging has led me to recognize that my anonymity should remain so; the info about me is still accurate, but vague enough to not give me away. Also, I will not say anything under my pseudonym that I would not say outside of the blogosphere.