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September 12, 2005

Around the Horn

- The second Virginia Blog Carnival is up at BrianPatton.org. Check it out and, if you run a Virginia-based blog, read the details and submit for the third carnival.

- Susan Torres died. I had noted her birth about a month ago, but she was unable to hold on. A real shame.

- The former John Behan, Chad Dotson, notes that the illegal immigration topic has worked favorably for Jerry Kilgore, while John Hawkins observes that the 2004 election may not be over, at least in the eyes of Democrats and the mainstream media.

- More on the response to Hurricane Katrina.
= Estimates placed the death toll in the thousands, yet only 197 died. I would never devalue the lives lost, but I do have to wonder why so much focus was placed on the faulty estimates, while the actual numbers are far lower.
= John Hawkins wonders if a change in the local government would have changed the response to the disaster.
= Jack Kelly notes that the response by FEMA to Hurricane Katrina was actually faster and more effecient than disasters of the past. Why is the MSM saying otherwise?

- Finally, why aren't more letters like this written? My guess is, most people in the military feel this way, yet Democrats keep trying to make out members of the military as coerced, unwilling participants.

UPDATE 8:25 PM: The death toll has been revised to 279.