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June 14, 2006

For anyone interested about Leno tonight...

Ann Coulter came out to a fairly warm greeting, and she and George Carlin shared a little friendly small talk before Leno began talking with her.

Is that a trumpet I am hearing?

UPDATE 12:41 AM: Carlin obviously looks a little frustrated, but he is keeping all thoughts to himself.

I am sure some people must be disappointed by this. Rarely do two such outspoken (and occassionally tactless) pundits share a stage together, and less partisan people have certainly been known to take some arguments quite far. Meanwhile, Coulter and Carlin was boring at worst and somewhat humorous at best.

Then again, I suspect the two of them knew exactly what they were doing, and neither wanted to be portrayed as the bad guy. And quite frankly, it would be difficult to frame either in such a fashion.

Sniping begins anew tomorrow, I am sure of it.