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July 20, 2006

The birth of more than a veto

First, Jerry Fuhrman. Then James Young. And now, Bob Maistros. Indeed, Virginia has been abuzz about George Bush's first veto. As was to be expected, President Bush chose a subject that would be highly controversial for his first veto (seriously, if no one cares about a bill, why bother with a veto?).

Now, some of you may not be familiar with Bob Maistros. Jerry and James have long been respected members of the ODBA, but do not count out Bob. Also a Virginian, he has a great knack for politics and a unique writing style.
The Democrats have been waiting to pounce on this issue like a panther in heat. With the full blessing and support of the media, they will trot out all manner of celebrities and sob stories to label the President as a heartless monster.
And he is not finished socking it to the MSM.
The names of the late Christopher and Dana Reeves will be exalted more often and movingly in the next two months than Mother Teresa's and Albert Schweitzer's were in two generations. And we will see more condemnations of the President as an agent of the fundamentalist religious right than of Osama bin Laden, Hamas and Hezbollah combined.
Nice to see how well multiculturalism is working out.

That said, the fury of the left concerning this decision is pointless. Embryonic stem cell research is still very much legal, and private donations will come in. With all the favor it has seen from Democrats, groups will come out in droves to see it through, even if embryonic stem cell research continues to bring in zero new cures. Well, we'll always have adult stem cell research.