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January 21, 2007

Playing Catch-up

Work has set me a little behind, and as the snow (and the subsquent change to ice) will be giving me a day off tomorrow, I felt it would be a good time to run through a number of interesting links I have found recently.

- Still against the War in Iraq? Feel that Democrats have always been the voice against it? Free Republic has complied a very convincing list of quotes concerning conflict, many of which show the former problems of Iraq and the support of many now-antiwar Democrats.

- Speaking of the war, Evan Coyne Maloney notes the problems of a politically correct war, which is what he suggests is a war of appeasement, rather than victory. Well worth the read, and while you are there, check out some of his videos as well, a small series of short documentaries.

- For the trifecta, a father speaks out against a pull-out, wanting his son's service to not be in vain. Kingsman Green served Britain well, and he is a hero here in America as well.

- James Young links to The House of Erastothenes to question Bush Derangement Syndrome. To put it simply, Democrats avoid action and hate Bush because he feels that action must be taken. I imagine President Bush's speech given on the fifth anniversary of September 11th might drive them insane.

- Debate over an apology for slavery here in Virginia has been raging, and Vivian has led the way. Such an apology makes no sense, because those who were responsible of it are no longer around, and I find it hard to believe that the topic will be dropped even if it were to pass. Vivian is a smart woman, but I often wonder if she thinks that blacks were the only oppressed race. Jerry Fuhrman has something to say about the debate too, and he thinks that it would be best to not dwell on the past.

- And UVa basketball posted two good wins this week, against Maryland and Wake Forest, after a rough stetch where they lost three straight games. The ACC is stacked this year, and UVa has remained in the thick of it all. It would be good to see the Hoos finally make it back to the NCAA tournament, even if the last time they made it was before I started college. Wahoowa!