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February 10, 2007

Jim Webb, the embarassment

The SWAC Girl posts a good letter to the editor sent to The Free Lance-Star concerning James Webb.
I am very proud to call Virginia my home. I think this is a grand state. However, sometimes we do something foolish, like voting in James Webb as our senator.
Go there to read the whole thing.

This should not be surprising; James Webb has used his status as a veteran to get votes, and I imagine veterans do not vote for candidates simply because they also happen to be veterans. With unimpressive approval ratings so early in his position as United States Senator, James Webb appears to be a waste of the Virginia voter's vote. Is he actually going to do anything for this state, or is he just going to continue to complain about George W. Bush? Democrats in other states actually do things in the Senate, whether we agree with them or not; has Webb quit already?