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May 25, 2005

Neil Cavuto - Real Common Sense

"Common sense is not very common", Voltaire

I've seen a number of conservative blogs recently making reference to Neil Cavuto, a longtime anchor for the Fox News Channel. I can't say I understand much about what he talks about (my only economics class also happens to be my only D ever), but I can say that I have always enjoyed his Common Sense segment at the end of Your World with Neil Cavuto, and see why he has gotten a lot of focus online recently. In a world where people act like they are deserving of whatever they want, Neil can remind us that some people can be very selfish. More often, he tries to be optimistic and shows us people who are selfless. Regardless of the topic, Neil Cavuto is almost always on target.

One of these segments in particular has excited many conservative bloggers.
This is to those congressmen still freaking out about not getting more advance warning about this errant plane over Washington on Wednesday [May 11th]: Shut up.

While you were bitching, F-16 jets were flying over the Capitol to protect you. Capitol Hill Police — paid a lot less than you — were busy trying to evacuate you. Ditto the White House
Wow, blunt, but to the point. It was pitiful the way the congressmen acted; would they have acted the same way if there had been a real threat? An old saying comes to mind: Better safe than sorry.

Some other recent Common Sense segments. In one, he speaks about the liberals' mantra of the money belonging to the government.
It's a typical liberal lament: The money in the government is the government's, period.
Because the money the government spends comes off the sweat and equity of everyday folks who pay. And pay dearly.
When someone says, "It's not your money," you have every right to assume "It's not your government either."
He certainly implies one thing; the money might belong to the government, but the government belongs to us. Money would not hold the power it does if not for the citizens.

Neil can also be retrospective over things that most generally overlook. He looked back at the attempt on President Bush's life in Georgia, and wondered "what if?"
I don't know about that. I do know this: The world would be a very different place this week had that happened last week. We'll never know. We only remember when terrorists succeed, not when they fail.
Neil notes how complacent we have become in just this simple sentence.

I know I have disagreed with Neil on a couple topics, but for the life of me, I can't remember what they are. It happens very rarely. If you can, watch the last five minutes for this segment on Your World with Neil Cavuto. If not, the segment is posted (both video and text) daily at FoxNews.com. An exception has been found to Voltaire's rule.