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July 02, 2005

My (short) thoughts on Live 8

This weekend, a number of concerts are going on across the globe in support of increased aid to African countries. These countries have many sick, hungry people. This is a great cause and I applaud those in support of this.

I do think, though, that this is a little naive, and only for one reason. The aid that the G8 countries are looking at would give debt relief to these countries. Only problem is, the governments in many of these countries are corrupt. The debt relief will be seen as an opportunity to purchase more weapons and materials to make weapons. Rather than increase the freedom of these people, it may serve to enhance the existing problem.

Live 8 needs to change its message. Don't give aid to the countries; use some of the money to hire people who can actually bring the needed food and medicine directly to the people. This might seem ineffecient and could consume a lot of money, but it might provide more people with what they need. Also, pressure the African nations to loosen their firm grip of power; the people in those countries are suffering for the insatiable greed and lust of power of the (sometimes illegitimate) leaders.