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June 27, 2005

0+0+0+0+0=One big fat zero

The Salt Lick has a great (and funny) post regarding Democratic candidate for governor Tim Kaine. With a party that imagines itself as visionary and imaginative, many seem to be stuck in a rut and a number have enough trouble even taking a stand on a single subject. I have heard Tim Kaine speak once, and even questioned him on his stance on abortion. Sure enough, he gave just the response that The Salt Lick predicts; He is religiously against it, but will enforce its ruling.

I expect my leaders to enforce the law, no matter what it is; feeling the need to reinforce it by stating so in a campaign only serves the purpose of bringing a sense of skepticism towards his "feelings" and "opinions". If he really holds such a fundamental position against it, shouldn't Tim Kaine encourage change?