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June 24, 2005

New link

Virginia blogs continue to grow tighter together. CrimLaw has taken note of this blog. CrimLaw is far different from many of the other blogs I've linked to. The focus is more on law than politics, much as the name implies. Ken Lammers likes to keep his posts short and sweet, letting his links speak for themselves. With my friend Lighthorse Harry joining the JAG soon, this blog will be of particular interest to me. CrimLaw has become quite well known, and it appears that Ken Lammers work has been very deserving of such attention.

CrimLaw will now be added in the Allies section on the sidebar (I know it doesn't fully fit with the other categories, but I've created enough of those for now). Give it a look; perhaps there are some posts there that won't build a political divide (as I'm sure my blog does quite frequently).