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June 22, 2005

Apparently, D goes much better with 3 K's than an R does

(Note: I, in no way, endorse the actions of the KKK. Their spite and hatred show a true intolerance. The title is just to address the double standard that seemingly allows Democrats a free pass where Republicans in a similar situation would be crucified.)

It can be hard keeping up with all the blogs I am associated with and those that I enjoy reading, but everytime I do, I stumble across some good posts that may go unacknowledged save for a few comments at the end of the post. Dr. Hartline recently posted one of those.

He posts a short but poignant piece covering the hypocrisy surrounding Robert Byrd's association with the KKK. There is no doubt that Byrd was an out and out racist, and while Democrats love to point to Strom Thurmond's Dixiecrat days, Byrd has done little in the way of apologizing. Yet, for some reason, he is let off the hook. Hmm. I agree with you Dr. Hartline, this is too much.