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June 13, 2005

And the blogroll grows...

Apparently, I have neglected the "Next Blog>>" link at the top right of each of the Blogger blogs. This doesn't seem to be holding true for others. Two more blogs can be added to roll.

The first is Our Way of Life. After reading a few posts, I can say with confidence that this is an excellent blog that could go far. Zach (no relation to Old Zach) focuses on illegal immigration, and recognizes why it includes the word "illegal". Still a relatively new blog, but it reads as though it were very seasoned. Go ahead and immigrate on over, that is certainly not illegal.

The second is a personal blog (which, once again, brings about the need for a new section, this one covering only Personal blogs; political blogs that double as personal blogs will maintain their positions in the Allies and Blue Staters lists) by Paper Merc called the paper mercenary. Certainly proves my first point. This blog is very different from others I have linked to so far. It has been around for about six months, and covers the everyday life of Paper Merc. Probably not appropriate for kids under 13 (who probably should not have too much free roam on the internet to begin with, but that is another story), as there is some language and drunk posting (John Hawkins says not to post mad, I would suggest adding "or drunk" to that suggestion). Still, it is a fairly interesting read, certainly giving some insight into the lives of many college students (though I suspect many readers of this blog are fairly familiar with that anyway).

Also, I'm updating the This Blog's Purpose link. Just for fair warning, I will retain the rights to publish any e-mail sent to me. This is not a privelege that I would abuse, but a right I believe I am reserved (and no, there has been no event that lead to this decision, it is just a change I have been meaning to add). So, watch your e-mails, because they can be used against you!