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June 12, 2005

Charlottesville Blog list

Waldo Jaquith has just started a new blog aggregator from his local news blog, cvillenews.com. Waldo was kind enough to add me to the list, one which includes a number of political blogs (such as Drunk on Democracy; geez, I've been linking a lot of non-conservative blogs recently), as well as a variety of other topics including podcasting and weight loss. Give it a look, Waldo will likely be adding some more blogs, and linking to it from cvillenews.com, so it should grow fast (hopefully, I won't be the only conservative blogger on there for too long!).

A new section in the sidebar will be created for blog aggregators at some point in the future, which will include this link. For the time being, the current link on this post will be it as Waldo is also holding off from posting it to cvillenews.com. If I get an indication otherwise, it will be added sooner.