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June 10, 2005

This Blog's Purpose

During three months of exploring this blog and over 110 posts (as of 6/10/05), I have been trying to come up with a more specific direction to take this blog. While I don't want to restrict its scope by limiting it to only a couple topics, giving it more of a focus will allow this blog to have its own character. Commonwealth Conservative and Sic Semper Tyrannis both focus on Virginia politics, Academic Bias focuses on the anti-conservative sentiment on college campuses, and The Abysmal Kingdom of Mike (remember, reading the opposition means you can understand them better!) connects art and liberal tenets.

Well, this blog, originally thought up as a conservative blog with no direction, has naturally found a focus (thankfully, it is closely related to the name of the blog). The Red Stater is a blog that, like stated in the title box at the top, aims to show the disconnect between liberal elites (including politicians, the MSM, and fanatics like Michael Moore) and the rest of America. Though it irritates me to no end that some people consider themselves "moderate" (What is a moderate? One moderate could disagree on every political topic with another), America as a whole shows a trend more towards the center (actually, slightly right-of-center, but hardly partisan to one side or the other). While I am very much a conservative, I will analyze specific instances where liberals isolate all but the most Democratic members of the country, much as I have done since March of this year.

I will also gear this blog towards anyone. There are some very intelligently written blogs (such as The Jaded JD), but these are not always easily read, particularly when they cover items that many people are not familiar with. I do not intend to criticize these blogs, as they serve a specific purpose. I aim to make this blog accessible (though not necessarily agreeable) to everyone.

I do hope to continue to grow, and I would also like to cover other topics, from time to time, but these are not my primary goals at the moment. I will not ignore those who have spent time at this blog, and I certainly don't want to deviate so far off of this purpose that this becomes something completely different.

This post will be given a permanant link with on the sidebar (About This Blog will be changed to About CR UVa, as that will be more accurate), so that it will remain easily accessible.

UPDATE 6/13/05 10:40 PM: Just for fair warning, I will retain the rights to publish any e-mail sent to me. This is not a privelege that I would abuse, but a right I believe I am reserved. So, watch your e-mails, because they can be used against you!