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June 15, 2005

Around the Horn

Many blogs and news outlets abuzz today, I'll touch briefly on a few.

- My call for the Lt. Gov. to go to the Democrats this year could be very off. Knowing little about Leslie Byrne, I made a prediction that Kilgore will win with Ms. Byrne to be his second, but it seems that a number of liberals are concerned that she can't win (which doesn't help when them with Tim Kaine not generating a lot of excitement either) as reported by John Behan. Could this be a hint for what comes in November?

- There are some twisted people out there. John Hawkins notes how some at Democratic Underground are taking great pleasure at humiliating Republicans, then bashing them behind their backs. My biggest question: what kind of idiot goes around telling people that he hoped that they voted a certain way?

- If you thought the last bullet was sad, then you will no doubt find this absolutely disgusting. I won't go into details here, but let's just say that it only makes me more pro-life (though one would wonder if I could go any further in that direction).

- On a lighter note, I was amazed what a Google search turned up. The Bodo's on the Corner was originally slated to open on the Corner within a year of this article; it fell a day shy of a decade after it was published.

- Back to the serious, apparently, 9/11 is not important enough to have a focus on it. With the plans for the new World Trade Center, people want the memorial to include other atrocities that have occurred. While I am sympathetic to those hurt by the ignorant and the despotic, this memorial should be dedicated to the 3000 lives lost on that ironically warm and sunny day. Sissy Willis of sisu (of Cotillion) writes a very good piece defending the need for a focused memorial. She also points to a new blog which will fight for this, Take Back The Memorial.
Take Back the Memorial
This image will remain in the sidebar until the changes take effect.

- And finally, on the topic of the Michael Jackson case, I understand that the jury had to follow strict court rules in making its decision, but it was entirely inappropriate for the jurors to call into question the motive of the mother. Yes, she was selfish (and greatly harmed the prosecution's arguments by being demanding and pushy), but if her claims were true, then the jury did a great disservice to justice.

Though, seeing some of the wackos outside the courtroom, I wonder if Michael Jackson is the one we really need to fear in this case. (Note: I suggest a PG-13 rating for this link).