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June 16, 2005

John McCain - The Democrat's Republican

While doing my normal rounds of blogs, I came across Daisy Cutter. The first post that I saw was one about a new association called Blogs for McCain's Opponent. I was immediately interested, as I have seen McCain's actions as contrary to the interests of the Republican party (breaking Ronald Reagan's 11th commandment many times, saying he wants unity while really just giving the Democrats what they want, and getting involved in bills only so he can have his name connected to them). After contacting DC at Daisy Cutter, he quickly accepted me into this association. So, I am pleased to welcome all visiting via the Blogs for McCain's Opponent. The association has been added to the sidebar under the new Associations/Aggregators category. And if you have a blog, drop a line to DC; I'm sure he will be glad to add you on. A good conservative should be running for president in 2008 and senator of Arizona in 2010, and our efforts may play a big role in ensuring that it happens.