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June 24, 2005

Update on Karl Rove

Senator Durbin recently made a completely inaccurate accusation and was forced to apologize. Democrats believe that Karl Rove did the same, and are demanding an apology from him.

They will have to wait a whole lot longer than two days.

Michelle Malkin posts to many conservative bloggers responding to Rove's comments. There appears to be a lot of unity on this. Republican congressional leaders and the White House also back up Karl Rove. Instapundit gives a look at the comments from both sides, including an interesting post from Begging to Differ blogger Tom.

Rather than demand an apology, the Democrats may be better off trying to answer Rove's accusation. Don't think you are weak on terror? Put your money where your mouth is. Certainly, if they are in such strong support of the global war on terror, they should have little trouble pointing out examples. And I don't mean in the days following 9/11; there was strong unity then (that may never have been seen before and probably won't ever be seen again) and any politician would also recognize that arguing against military action could potentially be political suicide (with few exceptions, former presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich among them).

I would suggest not getting Howard Dean or Dick Durbin to reply to that.