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July 07, 2005

"We are all Britons today"

After watching the news for four hours today, it is hard to be anything but disheartened. More than 30 have died and hundreds are injured on a day that will join 9/11 and 3/11. And just when everyone should be united in support for the people of the United Kingdom, instead, partisan politics creeps its way in again, with the left screaming for the heads of George Bush and Tony Blair.

To those who feel that the fault lies solely on the leaders of the USA and the UK, listen here.


If anything, this proves that we must clamp down further on terror. This cannot be blamed on the War in Iraq, as that reasoning is flawed when we remember that the attacks at the US Embassies, the USS Cole, and the World Trade Center were unprovoked. President Bush will likely (and wisely) pledge full support to Britain, Tony Blair will see a rise in popularity rivaling that of President Bush's after 9/11, and both will push further the War on Terror. This attack was a wake up call to our complacency, not a sign urging inaction in the Middle East. But I'd prefer not to stick on the bitter accusations made by the left in this attack.

Yesterday, the citizens of Britain were elated to learn that the Olympics would return for the first time in more than six decades. Today, grief and despair reign. Many here in the States are reminded of those feelings, and are pouring their hearts out. Sadly, days that make history are rarely remembered for being happy.

With the current G8 Conference, it was even more cowardly of the terrorists to attack; Tony Blair had an agenda he set out (not one I entirely agree with, but that is besides the point), and he will not be able to see it through. Instead, he is returning home to tend to his fellow countrymen, encourage his troops, and be a model to the world. As I said before, I don't always agree with Tony Blair for some of his political views, but I will always hold him in the highest respects for his strength and courage.

What's more, Rudolph Giuliani, former mayor of New York, was reportedly just yards from one blast. Again, I don't always agree with Rudy, but he gave the people of New York City the strength they needed to overcome that adversity. It would have been a great shame if he had been closer to the attack.

Forgive the unprofessional layout of this post and the lack of links. This post is mostly a collection of thoughts, and I hope that you all trust me enough to accept the information I posted. If not, please comment and I will elaborate.

As a show of solidarity, I am adding a picture of the Union Jack to the sidebar. Great Britain has been a worthy ally for the last few years in the War on Terror and the War in Iraq, and I'm sure the United States will prove to be one as well in the aftermath of this brutal attack.

UPDATE 7/8 6:30 AM: Old Zach at Sic Semper Tyrannis reminds us that we are at war now, as we have been since 9/11, and that succumbing to our antagonists' demands will ultimately lead us to defeat. He explains his feelings far more gracefully than I have.

UPDATE 2 7/9 4:30 PM: Are You Conservative has posted a great image showing the solidarity of the United States and Britain. This image will replace the simple Union Jack on the sidebar.