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September 14, 2005

The next J.C. Watts?

ESPN.com has posted a short biographical piece on Lynn Swann, former Pittsburgh Steeler and potential leader of the free world? Apparently, Mr. Swann has been quite active in Pennsylvania politics, and he's a Republican to boot! Many athletes turned politicians were named in comparison of Lynn Swann, including one of my favorites, J.C. Watts. Former Representative Watts played college football and in the Canadian Football League, then went into politics in the state of Oklahoma. I have nothing but the utmost respect for J.C. Watts; though he has not served for a few years, he is one of my favorite politicians. Lynn Swann being named in the same breath as J.C. Watts can be seen as nothing less than a compliment. Though I think it is very early to say that we'll see him in the Oval Office in 2013, Lynn Swann is definitely a must-watch. He has not yet won an office and he will have a lot of competition going fighting for the Pennsylvania governor's mansion, let alone 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Even still, I have to think of a George Allen (son of the former coach of the Washington Redskins and current Senator of Virginia) - Lynn Swann ticket for the White House; now that sounds like a winning team.

UPDATE 9/15/05 8:45 AM: Welcome CC readers. I'm certainly not a Pittsburgh Steelers fan like Chad, but I definitely have to agree with this statement.
Rendell would be an Eagles fan, wouldn't he?