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September 26, 2005

The pot again calls out the kettle

Amovar at Lawn Side Rotunda has taken exception to a recent statement by Mike Huckabee, posting here and here.

Perhaps she is unaware that Democratic Representative Pete Stark did the same in 2002.
Or that, just earlier this year, former KKK member and current Democratic Senator Robert Byrd did the same thing.

Amovar has her own comments to add.
This is the Republican Party and those who cheer it on in all their sick glory. In all their twisted aspirations for this country.

Stop them. You, I, we. Stop them now.

They won't stop themselves.
Well Amovar, I am sorry to say I am unsympathetic. I have heard the Nazi comparison used so many times that it does not pack a punch any more, and I am sure this holds true for many Republicans. If Democrats are so offended by the use of the Nazi metaphor, perhaps they should not have desensitized conservatives to it.

To Governor Huckabee (as if he would ever read this), do be careful with the metaphors. Republicans are bigger than that, even if Democrats prove themselves not to be. Stick with rational arguments and accurate comparisons. Democrats are uninformed and even malicious at times, but they are far from Nazis (though I would not shy away from socialists).