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November 29, 2005

Fascinating find by astronomers

Though my interests have been geared mostly towards politics on this blog, outside I am still a student, studying various sciences here at the University of Virginia. I have spent some time this last semester studying brown dwarfs, an interesting body in outer space that most resembles a planet but theoretically forms like a star without reaching the mass required for the thermonuclear processes that makes a star shine so bright. A new find adds some new information for my studies and may help solidify that theory. A young solar system is being observed that appears to be around a brown dwarf. This is a particularly interesting find as many of the so-called "planets" found in recent years orbiting stars may just be brown dwarfs, making them companion stars and not planets.

One note: the headline appears to be misleading. I do not think that this would be the smallest known solar system (at least, the text does not suggest this), but rather the smallest (individual) star at the center of a solar system.