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December 19, 2005

Fahrenheit 1225

"There's no anti-Christmas threat in this country. This is a lie. This is the biggest lie we've been told."

No, Michael Moore is not producing a new film, but the ardent arguments that there is no war on Christmas in America are not looking to good right now. Displays like this, this, and this.

But wait a second. None of these are religious symbols. No real harm there, right?

This is actually more disconcerting to me than attacks on religious symbols. Hatred towards religion through the desecration of religious symbols is disturbing, but far from unheard of. Santa, elves, and the Peanuts gang are not religious symbols at any definition of the term; though they hold a connection to Christmas, it is through the secular interpretations of the holiday. I, for one, hate to hear "Holiday Tree" and "Chrismahanakwanzaka" (or however that is spelled), but Christmas is only considered holy because it has been designated as such, not because of an inherent holiness (such as in the sabbath). So, what is the problem then?

Isn't it obvious?

Putting up bloody Santa displays that scare the neighborhood children.

Stealing Linus, simply because he understands the true meaning of Christmas.

Christmas is about spending time with those who you love. Christmas is about peace and goodwill towards others. And Christmas is about one gift in particular, that of Jesus Christ. Just because Christmas was not preordained by God or it is "not inclusive enough" does not mean these sourpusses should ruin our fun, 1st Amendment or not (even as they may defy the 1st Commandment, interestingly enough).

Those individuals responsible in such reprehensible acts are not showing love. They are not showing peace and goodwill. And something tells me they do not have much respect for Jesus.

If they want to be miserable at this time of year, no one is going to stop them. But I and many others enjoy Christmas, so stop being babies and stop raining on our parade.