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December 07, 2005

Some time off

I recognize that I have not been updating as much since Election Day. Things have become rather busy, and keeping up with the blog has been difficult. So, I am going to start a (very short) sabbatical, lasting at least through the end of the exam period (possibly through Christmas). I am not running away entirely from the Red Stater. I will still be reading other blogs and commenting on occasion; I will also post if I feel an event in the coming weeks brings about a need to post.

For those loyal readers who have continued to read my thoughts over the last few months, I thank you. I promise that I will be back soon, but for now, I have some more pressing matters that require my attention. Enjoy the upcoming snow (for those fellow Commonwealth readers) and if I am not back before then, Merry Christmas! (no, not happy holidays, political correctness is too pervasive in our culture as it is.)