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June 16, 2006

The 2500

The War in Iraq has claimed the life of its 2,500th American Soldier. Certainly, it is sad that this many brave Americans have had to die in this war. However, the only thing worse than someone's death is when someone uses a persons death for their own gain. Of course, I am speaking of the anti-war Democrats.

The ever-pessimistic MSM creates these artificial barriers that we cross, simply because they are nice round numbers, than splash the headlines on the front page as if we did not know that soldiers were dying in Iraq. Tony Snow says it is "just a number", not to diminish the lives of those who served, but to send a message to the press that creating a media hype over such "milestones" is not to anyone's benefit. Yet, the Democrats rather than hanging tough and recognizing the challenges, decide to continue the game of "Blame the GOP". And this brings out many who then want to bring in an artificial timeline, which terrorists will only take advantage of and step up attacks when some American troops find themselves removed from Iraq on a date THE WHOLE WORLD KNOWS! It is also very presumptuous as the White House may have a solid plan for the future removal of troops; certainly, they may believe that it is not the business of the general public, for the safety of those serving.

And to add insult to injury, Democrats will use these numbers to try to knock Republicans out of office in November. James "The Quitter" Webb, has been very critical of the War in Iraq, and after implying that the world would be safer with Saddam Hussein and Abu Musab al-Zarqawi still free men, I would not be at all surprised if he politicized the deaths of these troops. Jack Murtha, another Cindy-Sheehan-type-celebrity, has expressed interest in becoming House Majority Leader (which he may run for should the Democrats take over in November), and would definitely politicize these deaths again. Yet, despite all the noise the Democrats have made concerning these deaths, the Senate voted 93-6 against an immediate pull-out of Iraq, in what can certainly be called an amazing show of bipartisanship.

But of course the Democrats cannot help that the 2500th death occurred shortly after the death of Zarqawi and the subsequent rise in the polls for President Bush. They only take advantage of it.