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July 28, 2006

A Beating

My father sent me this blog article and the link to it. Having served in our armed forces, my Dad has never taken war lightly, so the message in it only resonates that much stronger to me.

As fair warning, it describes a brutal and bloody encounter, so do not read it if you are squeamish, but I will give the Reader's Digest version. A Marine was picking fights with a number of other soldiers, and after picking the wrong guy to mess with, gets it handed to him. If you think this is where it ends, though, you are wrong. The bully continued to get the tar kicked out of him, leaving him in a real mess. The others in the bar had to restrain themselves from helping until the Marine finally cried uncle. This telling of the story does not do it justice, so if you can handle a little violence, go to the link and read it.

What is the point of that story though? Well, Israel has been continually bullied by Islamic terrorists for decades, even though Israel has had an incredibly powerful military waiting to be unleashed each time. War has started up, but eventually, the countries of the Middle East push for Europe and the UN to pull back Israel each time, only for the terrorists to start anew each time. The loss of life continues to build and the bullies continue to stick to their cowardly ways knowing they have support when things get messy. It is time for America and other defenders of freedom to hold back the EU and the UN as Israel hands it to Hezbollah, and potentially Iran and Syria. Again, Israel is like a small tough fighter, easily underestimated. Hezbollah is the cowardly bully, hiding behind Lebanese civilians and anti-Semites around the world. And terror is not just a problem for Israel, and not just the United States, but everyone's problem. Just ask Spain, Britain, Indonesia, and many other countries that have been targets by terror. It may sound inhumane, and the loss of life may be great, but if the current trend holds up, the loss of life may be even greater. No more whining of a "disproportionate response", Israel should show exactly what the appropriate response is; terrorism is intolerable.