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September 20, 2006

Senator Allen's Opposition

Ever notice the dirty tactics used by Webb supporters in this election? Seems like many have. Bob Maistros wants the election to return to the issues and not waste time with minor details.
Why has the election suddenly centered on the fact that Senator Allen's grandfather was Jewish?

Very simply. Because the Democrats - and their friends in the media - understand that if the race is run on George Allen's record and on the issues, they lose.
Shaun Kenney at Allen's A-Team agrees.
Webb's emphasis on anti-Semitic remarks may or may not be deliberate, but it is a thematic trend progressives have been beating for years. Ascendent in the Democratic Party, these people need to be stopped. Yesterday they were fighting FDR's attempt to break Nazi Germany, today they take a laissez faire approach to Israel and terrorism in the name of isolationsm and "peace." All the while, the progressive preoccupation with Jews in power remains a disgusting undercurrent in the progressive movement that deserves scrutiny - and when it surfaces, unmitigated scorn.
And Chad Dotson even notes that Democrats have gone so far as to deliberately lie about George Allen.

Like Bob said, Democrats know they cannot win this election on the issues, so let's return this race to the issues, and see just how well James Webb does then.