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September 12, 2006

The Big Announcement

If Senator Allen is a racist, then someone must have forgotten to tell State Senator Benjamin Lambert. Mr. Lambert offered George Allen his endorsement, which is only made more interesting by the fact that he is a Democrat. And an African-American.

It will be interesting to see how Democrats respond to this. The guys over at Raising Kaine have been playing this whole campaign at such a dirty level that I am surprised we are not buried shoulder deep in mud. In fact, the Webb campaign could not even respect the events of September 11th by putting partisanship aside even for one day, an ad that Nancy Reagan feels dishonors the memory of her husband. But don't tell Lowell Feld that; it is obvious from that ad that Ronald Reagan endorses James Webb, right? Politicians across the country stopped running campaign ads yesterday; why couldn't James Webb? He does have that big lead in the Zogby poll, right?

No, unfortunately, what we have seen has been a lot of hypocrisy from RK and a number of other Webb-supporting Democrats. That word that they suggest is so offensive, has found itself being used quite a bit in Democratic blogs. If it is the equivalent of the N-word, why is it in such common use? And when some of these Webb supporters crashed an ethnic rally, I heard that amongst that group charging that this ethnic rally would be undiverse was an, believe it or not, undiverse protest group, consisting of whites, anglos, caucasians, and the like.

This new endorsement is big because it shows the truth. Senator Allen has the best interests of Virginians, and not just members of a particular race or political party, in mind. James Webb is letting this election slip away from him. But what else can you expect from the man who hired Lowell Feld? Senator Allen has been active and proven that he will work hard, and State Senator Benjamin Lambert believes so as well.

UPDATE 10:45 PM: Vivian Paige seems to think that Senator Lambert should have just "sat on his hands" (what if he really does want to see Senator Allen win?). And VC again proves why his best posts are those that he tends to keep from being too emotional.

Meanwhile, the Mason Conservative noted a while back that Senator Allen would find some support from blacks, very well understanding the situation: Democrats are taking black votes for granted, and Lambert recognizes that Senator Allen is not.

As for Raising Kaine, they have essentially been quiet on the subject, only trying to find a way to make Allen's record on black colleges seem bad. Come on Lowell, surely you can do better than that.