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September 05, 2006

The Official Start of the Campaign Season

Buena Vista marks the final sprint to Election Day each year here in Virginia with a parade that usually involves some of the bigger names running for political office, usually for governor and the senators. Jon Henke, the new Netroots Coordinator for the George Allen campaign, was there and got some great pics of the event.


Clearly, the Allen campaign was there in force, putting up as many signs as possible. Among those who placed signs were some of my comrades from the University of Virginia College Republicans. I think it is obvious that they did a great job, and I think Senator George Allen agrees.

Senator Allen

The Senator rode a horse through much of the parade, certainly an image that has always stood for a strong leader. And it appears that he had a strong influence on the crowd present. James Webb was not present because he was spending time with his son who is about to be deployed. I have many qualms with Mr. Webb, but I will step back and thank him and his son for the service they have provided and will provide for this country.

That said, it seems that his campaign is still lacking greatly. The UVa College Republicans tell me that there were very few people putting up signs for James Webb on Sunday. And it did not help him that George Allen supporters appear to have greatly outnumbered Webb supporters in and around this parade. Make no mistake; while northern Virginia is very important in this race (and let's face it, I think Josh Rales is more recognizable around here than James Webb), it is southern Virginia that could ultimately decide who will be representing the Commonwealth come this January, and if Buena Vista is any indication, Senator Allen should retain his seat.

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