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August 19, 2006

A New Year Dawns

Today was move in day at UVa. For the first time in four years however, I am not in the mix of the crazy return to UVa. Still, I recognize what is in store on grounds.

First, this return marks a big boost for both the George Allen and James Webb campaigns. The grassroots gets some of its strongest support from college students, and I can assure everyone that the UVa College Republicans are ready to hit the turf to show their support for Senator Allen. And there is no doubt in my mind that the University Democrats are just as ready to step up to the plate (though, as has been common in recent years, I expect they will be disappointed come November). Amber Vervalin, the new chair of the UVa CRs, is extremely capable and is extremely knowledgable about campaigning. Rob Martin and Elizabeth Thomann, the vice chairs of campaigns and events, have been loyal members of the UVa CRs who will ignite a lot of interest from arriving first year students. Michael Gannon, new secretary, and last, but certainly not least, Savanna Rutherford, the new treasurer, are still relatively new to the CR experience. However, they are both very excited to be a part of such a great group, and I have nothing but confidence in these two as leaders, not to mention the rest of the officers and other loyal members. Good luck guys!

The Living Wage campaign may also pop up again. To what extent, I do not know. The same goes for the Single Sanction. While each tends to cycle at the University, the question this year will be whether they hold the momentum they had from last year. Many of the strongest supporters of the living wage have graduated, and the rest will need to depend on a new group of students if they wish to be taken seriously (though, they may need to grow up a little too). The single sanction also has its critics, but I think this will remain a hot topic as it has for the past two years.

Football starts up in a few weeks. Not political, but certainly important for the University in raising awareness of the school. This might be a disappointment for many, as UVa is predicted by many to finish only a little over .500, likely at 7-5. A surprise season would be great for the school, even if it may be a bit much to hope for. Also, the John Paul Jones Arena will open up for its first basketball games and a season filled with high hopes.

And while I was a student, I was fairly vocal against the use of social security numbers as student IDs. I had talked to a couple representatives in StudCo about it, who have made helped to make it an issue that has received some attention, but the University has basically ignored our pleas and placed ever increasing numbers of students at risk. It is time for admissions to assign a student ID to each and every incoming student seperate from their SSNs.

NeW begins its first year without its founder, Karin Agness, at the helm. Their new chair is also a capable leader, and this new leadership will doubtlessly shape the direction that UVa's chapter of NeW takes for the next few years.

Big things are in store at the University of Virginia. I am sure I will have a lot to look forward to in my coming visits to Charlottesville. Wahoowa!