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August 16, 2006

To be clear

I personally am greatly disgusted when I hear overt racism. It strikes me rather oddly that people still think that the amount of melanin in a person's skin defines who the person is.

That said, it digusts me even more when Democrats, the same party that prides itself on being the "minority party", tries to use racism, not because it is truly disgusted by it, but because they hope to see some political gain from it. Polls suggest that Senator Allen would win the upcoming election, and many Democrats have expressed frustration at this. When NLS jumped on this "story", I did not see reactions of people saying that they think that racism is wrong, but more along the lines of "we've got him, we've got George Allen." They had to take a video and stretch a few things around it (though, with no one being sure, admittedly even Republicans had to stretch a little for some explanations) so that they could say that George Allen was wrong. Meanwhile, crickets from the members of the "minority party" when one of their own says something, even when it is far more overt.

I am sorry. Wait, no, I am not. I do not believe that Democrats really have any feelings about racism. They only appear to be opportunistic when it comes down to elections like these. While this matter may have a couple of more days of life around it, I consider the matter closed. The burden of proof lies with opponents of George Allen.

And to this point, I have not yet donated money to any of the campaigns for this year, as being a recent college graduate places some strain (though nothing too bad) on my resources. However, a check made out to the Allen campaign starts to sound pretty good right now, if only to add to his resources to allow him a greater opportunity to discredit his critics.