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August 10, 2006

Terror and the upcoming elections

With the news today that Britain stopped a terrorist plot, Democrats need to be getting a little concerned. It is no secret that Democrats have been seen as weak on national security, and this foiled plot will be a quick little reminder to the voters that terror is still a great concern. Rather interesting that it also happened the day after the Connecticut primary (BREAK OUT THE TIN FOIL HATS!), as it will showcase one of the major differences between Ned Lamont and Joe Lieberman.

While voters seem to tiring of Republicans in office, there is little faith that Democrats will do what is necessary in protecting this country. This election cycle will bring many issues to the forefront, but it may still be a referendum on the War in Iraq and, more importantly, the greater War on Terror. It is too late for Democrats to change their image, and if the Republican base is motivated and lightning strikes twice (as Clinton had avoided Larry Sabato's "six-year itch"), Democrats will once again be disappointed with the results in November.