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November 29, 2006

Somebody call the WAAAAAAAmbulance

James Webb is not yet in office and he has already managed to make a fool of himself. Jim Hoeft is more forgiving of Webb.
Apparently Webb, as any parent would, declared that he wanted his son home after the president asked about his son's well-being. The president, as commander-in-chief, appropriately stated that was not the question.

The president absolutely put Webb back in his proper place as one of 100. And, even more appropriately, as one of several 100,000 who would like their sons and daughters home.
Howling Latina is, well, howling.
Hmmm, guess Webb wasn't drinking any of the president's kool-aid with happy-talk and insincere reflection about how important the mission in Iraq is and just how very proud Bush is of our soldiers.

“I didn’t ask you that, I asked how he’s doing,” Bush retorted, according to the
Hit me with a feather; and excuse the living hell out of me!
And NLS seems to find the whole thing funny.
James Webb has embarrassed himself and Virginia, and could have easily remembered one thing and saved himself this whole incident. There is no doubt that President Bush is aware of Webb's views on the War in Iraq. President Bush was asking James Webb about his family, and Webb decided to tell President Bush something he was fully aware of. Does James Webb think he has absolute authority over President Bush? Must be getting a big head knowing he is number 51.

Senator-to-be Webb, you will represent Virginia. Please do not do so poorly. Being a hot-head will get you nothing. And not everything President Bush says is an attack on Democrats; is it not possible that he was simply asking a question about your family?