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November 10, 2006

The lights have dimmed a little more in Virginia

Chad Dotson is saying goodbye to blogging. Very early in my blog, I met Chad and he invited me to send him my link. While I do not have even close to the readership or name recognition that Chad has, it is him whom I credit for having come this far, if not for simply giving me a couple more hits a day. Commonwealth Conservative has always been a great blog with some good insight, and Chad is a man of great integrity. All the more for that reason, he is going to put more focus on his career (he has a re-election campaign coming up next year) and on his family.

I must say this is turning out to be quite a sad week. First, George Allen loses. Than, President Bush caves and has Donald Rumsfeld resign. And now, Chad Dotson is leaving full-time blogging. Hope things turn around soon.

Thank you Chad, for everything. I hope to see you come back in the future.