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November 03, 2006

Webb's lead gone? Waldo's questionable post?

The newest Rasmussen poll out today shows Webb and Allen in a dead heat. And Roanoke College, who called the race correctly for Tim Kaine last year, has George Allen up three points in their recent poll.

Yet, some still will stoop to any level to take out George Allen, even posting stories better left to the National Enquirer. Waldo Jaquith is now stating that Anne Waddell confessed to being abused to a random person on a flight from Phoenix, and this person posted the alleged story to a web board for fans of the band Widespread Panic. This story has persisted when there is some very flimsy evidence used to support it. Meanwhile, Anne Waddell has stated the following:
“Let me make it perfectly clear. If I were still a resident of Virginia, I would proudly cast my vote for George Allen.

“I admire him as a person and as a dedicated public servant. Unlike some others in Washington, he is a man of integrity and character who has always been a loyal friend and hard-working elected official."
It strikes me as highly unlikely that she would make such a statement if she had been abused. Even if she had been and preferred not to make it public knowledge, my guess is she would not have given her comments towards this race.

The sherriff of Albemarle County at the time of these alleged abuses was George W. Bailey, and he had the following to say:
“At no time during my service as sheriff was he arrested or brought up on any offense in Albemarle County. It would have crossed my desk, and would not have escaped my notice.

“I understand there is some question about two entries for warrants or summonses in the County docket book in 1973 and/or 1974, while George was a student. This could have been for anything as small as an unpaid parking ticket or hunting or fishing license violation. An entry in that book does not mean there was an arrest, conviction or anything of the kind.

“The fact that there is no record of a trial or judgment settles the matter -- this was for some minor infraction. If George Allen -- a member of the football team and a prominent student -- has committed some offense, even as an undergraduate, it is certain I would have been informed, and likely that I would have dealt with the matter personally. But there was no such offense, and consequently nothing more to be said about the matter.”
Senator Allen is not under trial, nor are any allegations of abuse by him even taken seriously beyond the level of the tin foil hat clan. This attempt to smear Senator Allen is incredibly disrespectful and distasteful, and unless these allegations can be better backed up or George Allen states that these allegations are true, they should not be taken seriously.