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November 01, 2006

Kerry-ing on

Has it ever been more obvious that Democrats are on the wrong side of the debate?
Perhaps it still rubs John Kerry the wrong way that he received worse grades than George W. Bush?

John Kerry is not some fringe liberal politician. He represented the Democrats in the 2004 presidential election. And worse yet, James Webb has still refused to comment on it. The argument, it appears, cannot be made that this is the normal belief of veterans either, as John McCain is very disappointed in this statement. Indeed, John Kerry's views were not lost in 2004 either.
Bush Supports Troops
Democrats have been very excited recently, but this might just bring their hopes crashing down. It proves that Democrats (and in particular, James Webb) are not in line with the American voter and should not be allowed to take the helm.

UPDATE 5:20 PM: It appears John Kerry has attempted to apologize. Can you say damage control? Here in Virginia, where military bases and government employees are almost as common as Starbucks, James Webb should be sweating right now.