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October 24, 2006

The Ever Shifting Consensus

Newsweek tries to explain the shift from the fear of global cooling to that of global warming. If you want the short story, they try to say "we were wrong then, but are definitely right now" and "there is a cylical pattern to weather, but that has nothing to do with global climate change". Hardly convincing, particularly as this article has less evidence to backup global warming than usual. And worse yet, here is some of the evidence that the "consensus" must be right.
Astronomers have been warning for decades that life on Earth could be wiped out by a collision with a giant meteorite; it hasn't happened yet, but that doesn't mean that journalists have been dupes or alarmists for reporting this news.
A different doomsday scenario has not happened yet, so we should not discount this one. Great logic. The Earth has also not collapsed into a black hole, but that does not disprove that it could not happen.

I think I know what we can expect to see from Newsweek in another 30 years.

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