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October 19, 2006

I'm Sensing a Pattern...

They claim Senator Allen is a racist.
They ignore Webb's comments.
They let comments like "oreo" and "slavishly" pass when used towards black Republicans.

They claim Senator Allen is anti-gay.
They claim to be pro-gay but will harrass any homosexual who is not a Democrat, even when they find the wrong one.
They call out Congressman Foley for sexual misconduct while excusing Gary Studds and Bill Clinton.

They claim Senator Allen is running a negative campaign.
They may be running the nastiest campaign in the country right now against Virginia's junior senator.
They will take any little dirt they dig up and use it as a weapon against Republicans.

They claim Senator Allen is corrupt because of some stock options.
They omit some key facts that suggest he instead simply made a mistake.
They love to call out corruption or perceived corruption on the right while excusing it on the left.

This race has never been clearer to me. When there is outrage from Democrats, it is usually of the faux persuasion, being used as a partisan tool rather than means to truly clean Washington. Senator Allen, in particular, has been one of the bright beacons in Congress, working for the people and serving faithfully. Meanwhile, James Webb allows his lackeys to treat this race as if it were an insult comedy act. And nationwide, we are seeing a similar trend from Democrats, not really concerned about the issues but only in the office.

Don't believe me? Then why was the Washington Post at so much trouble to find some kind words for James Webb while the Washington Times found it easy to speak well of George Allen?