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October 04, 2006

Amazing Grace

So I went to CNN.com earlier and what was the headline?
Amish grandfather: 'We must not think evil of this man'
Wait a second, is that right? Let me check again.
Amish grandfather: 'We must not think evil of this man'
Indeed, it appears that many amongst the Amish community are speaking of forgiveness at a time when almost anyone else might be considering a lawsuit. And despite the fact that many of us might find Amish life something to parody, they have shown us the best of Christianity. Thankfully, the MSM did something right for once and took notice of this. They are not crazy, or "fundies" as some Christians are labelled, or anything of that nature; they have simply shown a strong, but impressive, application of God's word on their lives. If only we saw more of this and less of the funeral protesters (who by the way have decided not to protest at the Amish funerals thankfully, even though they are still making public statements about it), perhaps Christianity would receive the positive attention it should. Also, kudos to CNN for its coverage; when expectations are low, they manage to impress. The shooter Charles Roberts deserves derision, but we as Christians are called on to be forgiving, and despite the great pain these Amish families and other folks up in Lancaster are suffering, they are doing exactly as God would want.

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