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October 03, 2006

Where is the outrage?

So began a recent comment concerning Congressman Foley's actions. To expand on that,
Where is the outrage? The "family values" republicans did nothing to protect other children working on the Hill from this pervert. They didn't notify the democrats, they didn't notify the Ethics Committee. They just worked together to cover it up.
I decided to reserve judgment for later, which I am also doing with some of the new information. I am sure most people have heard of the new revelations of Foley's relationship with a clergyman when he was younger (a viable explanation, but no excuse nontheless). However, the next allegation is far more damning.
We have a lot more questions about this whole affair. The timing of the revelations, as we noted, couldn't be more propitious for the Democrats. Turns out both the Democrats and several newspapers seem to have known about Foley’s problem as far back as November, according to research by several enterprising blogs.
Could be, but it is hard to tell. But I have to wonder. Scott Andrews authored the comment I have referenced. I decided to wait on coming to a conclusion on the earlier allegations as I am this one, but Scott, are you just as outraged about this new revelation? I will tell you what, if it is found that it is true that Democrats and the media held out on releasing this information, likely for political reasons, I know exactly what words will be able to describe it.
Sick, sick, sick, sick, sick

UPDATE 1 8:15 PM: John Hawkins notes how the Daily Kos even went as far as to condone these actions...when peformed by a Democrat. Guess it is easy to be outraged when the other side is doing it.

UPDATE 2 8:55 PM: Robby points out the lighter side of this scandal. And before anyone gets mad, I did not say it, just linked to it, and fully expect a late-night talk show to cover this angle as well.