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October 02, 2006

Senator Allen speaks

Just a few minutes ago, Senator Allen appeared on television with his wife in a new, long ad. I must say I was impressed. He was positive and confident, yet acknowledged the negativity of the race and even took some responsibility for it. Focus was again placed in Iraq, but he stated his support for the troops and unequivocally stated that anything short of success was unacceptable. Susan Allen joined him in this ad; she appeared a little awkward, but her presence should only be of benefit to her husband. I also noted the connections he made with his father and the Redskins, using well-placed images in the background that should be to his benefit in an area that is strongly supportive of the hometown team. Overall, a rock solid ad that fits in well with some of the earlier ads; such a statement made earlier, though, might have provided a better defense against the barrage of attacks that have been coming recently.

UPDATE 8:45 PM: Here is the video of Senator Allen's address to Virginia.