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September 25, 2006

Salon allows the dirty tricks to continue

Many bloggers have jumped on the story that Salon is running concerning one Ken Shelton, former teammate of George Allen on the UVa football team, making claims that Senator Allen is a racist and was one back in college. Only problem, they have neglected the words of many others that contradict Shelton's words. The racism claims unfortunately will continue to be pervasive, however dishonest or dirty they are. But what else should we expect from the people that are even managing to shock Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid?

My biggest regret with all this is that many of these Democrats have succeeded at pulling some of us conservative bloggers off the issues. Some have attacked Webb in similar ways, others have focused on Webb's cronies (myself certainly being no exception for this example), but regardless, we have had to play damage control rather than displaying and even emulating the positives of George Allen. The Mason Conservative appears very frustrated, and that frustration is justified. I have wished many times for this race to return to the issues; I suspect that at this point, it is too late and there is no turning back. But at least, we should all be able to make the attempt, correct?

UPDATE 3:20 PM: Mary Kathernine Ham does not seem to be too pleased with the use of race in this election either.