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September 22, 2006

Lowell is Truly Losing It

Breaking News! Breaking News! Dick Wadhams is being demoted.

Wait, no, never mind, he is not.

Lowell's obsession with Wadhams and George Allen only bring about thoughts of Democrat's attitudes towards Karl Rove and George W. Bush. And his connections with the James Webb campaign have raised questions all over the Virginia blogosphere, even at Not Larry Sabato. Seems Ben Tribbett does not like the attention that some certain bloggers are receiving, seeing as they are paid members of Webb's staff. And all the little boys and girls at RK have decided to crash the party, bashing anyone who might possibly question their "messiah" (oh wait, these are left-wingers, I should probably avoid using terms that make us think of Christianity, lest I offend any of them). Of course, they give us their normal spiel, blaming Allen, Wadhams, Jon Henke, Karl Rove, Jews, government conspiracies, aliens, etc. (sorry, seen a few too many wacko DU discussions, but this is not too far off).

Lowell Feld has been much like the spineless schoolyard bully, pouncing on anyone he presumes as weaker than him, but when taken to task, instead points a finger at his prey, trying to convince anyone that his target is the guilty party. And he'll even spread lies, then go back on them when he realizes that he is going to get caught. Sadly, he seems to have enough luck to never really get caught. Josh Chernilla has been like his whiny little lackey, the one no one likes because he gets into arguments with everyone. He just seems angry all the time, and cannot keep it inside or restrain himself in any way. And those who have been posting regularly at RK have been like the posse that follows these two around, thinking they are the cool kids for hanging out with the two of them when in reality it is simply because everyone else had enough sense not to pay them any attention.

While I enjoy hitting at points of view that are obviously wrong, I usually find no joy in going personal. However, this campaign has been dirty from the get-go, and those who have taken the focus away from the issues (besides the horse-race obsessed MSM) need to be exposed as the spineless bullies that they are. James Webb has finally owned up to the mistake he made with the flyers concerning the Harris Miller campaign; it is time he shows that he has the integrity to match Ben Cardin up in Maryland and give these guys the boot. If not, then there will be no doubt of just how wrong he is for the Commonwealth of Virginia.