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September 26, 2006

The High Ground

Well, it appears that a change in tone is on the rise. Liberal Pi responds and posts a good comparison piece concerning James Webb's and George Allen's views on the War in Iraq. He is looking for some debate in the comment section; I look forward to seeing some well spirited debate. And to Liberal Pi, in short response, I would like to think my disdain is only for nasty attitudes in politics, in particular from liberals. I have always enjoyed good debates with people I disagree with when personal attacks on candidates are avoided, but it is difficult to remain civil when it appears that the other person is not being civil.

And Vivian Paige cries foul over Larry Sabato's statement concerning Senator Allen's use of the N-word. I know I may have started on the wrong foot with Vivian, but she is doing very well at her blog; I look forward to her continued analysis of this race as well.

Hopefully, these are signs of a change in the tone of this election; it may be an enjoyable race again. It would be nice to see the best candidate win, not the worst one lose (though, certainly I believe Senator Allen to be the best candidate).