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September 27, 2006

Shame, Shame

This just in, Senator Allen may have used the H-word. It appears a ton of unnamed sources came out to support this claim. Why Senator Allen, why?

On a more serious note, these charges of racism are seeing more and more doubt everyday. Snyder wonders where all these people were while Senator Allen was rising up the ranks. Chad thinks this is all nothing but a big smear campaign, and one that gets weaker by the day.
In fact, note that every one of these accusers tell stories that are unverifiable. Not a single one can be corroborated and, in fact, none of them are corroborated. Every witness and peer of Allen's says exactly the opposite, and now the huge holes in this ridiculous smear campaign are beginning to become evident. And - surprise! - every single one of these accusers are ideological opponents of Sen. Allen. Imagine that!
And if this is not enough, it appears that some people have not given up hope on a George Allen presidential run in 2008. Perhaps, it is not time to rule one out just yet.

The Washington Times, not to be left out, notes that conservatives want to keep this race on the positives of Senator Allen. If the racism charges continue to meet this scrutiny, then it is hard to imagine how the race could go any other direction.

Indeed, Senator Allen has shown himself to be a man of great character, and one who has worked hard in the Senate for Virginians. He is pushing for stronger education that will allow Virginia to stay among the leading states in technology and economic growth. Senator Allen has put a focus on keeping Americans safe from terror. He also supports the Bush tax cuts, which has allowed more people to support our economy and provide for their families. And despite the charges of racism, Senator Allen has given a lot of support to traditionally black colleges. Senator Allen has been good for Virginia in the Senate, he was good for Virginia in a number of other offices, and will be good for Virginia for another six years. When it comes to merit, Senator Allen is not lacking.

UPDATE 4:50 PM: Louisa County cops do not recall any incidents involving deer heads. While it is possible they forgot, such an odd disturbance should be more easily recalled than others, if it really occurred.