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October 29, 2006

Think about your vote...or your endorsement...

It appears that Jim Hoeft and Vivian Paige are explaining who they would vote for and why. This seems to be a trend in the making, but it is a very good one and can allow the readers of the Virginia blogosphere to see which endorsements most closely resemble their's while considering their vote. While they are at it, I will throw in my two cents as well.

First, as both Vivian and Jim noted, I want candidates who represent my views. I am a fiscal and social conservative. National defense is incredibly important to me. Progress comes from all of us, and it starts at the bottom, so a focus on education is very important to me. I also want leaders who will not cower in the face of adversity; terror and the War in Iraq have been challenges, but will the candidate make good decisions that will set history on the right path? And will the candidate stand up for family? Broken homes and marital infidelity have become more and more common, and a good candidate will work hard to help fix these problems.

Second, I want someone who will stand up for what they believe in. All too often, candidates vote based on what they think the voters want. I believe that we elect someone based on how we know they will vote, not that we believe they will sway with the wind better than the other candidate.

And third, as Jim noted, are intangibles. It can seem tempting to let Democrats take over so Republicans can hasten a return to 1994, but Jim notes "a Speaker Pelosi or Hastert, Majority Leader Reid or Frist, the possible retirement of Justice Stevens, the 2008 Congressional and Presidential Campaign, the 2012 Senate Campaign." Good motivation to vote Republican this year.

Finally, I want, in legislators, men and women who recognizes that they are the law-makers, not the judiciary. Those whom I endorse I most strongly believe will not let judges overturn their decisions without a fight.

The election is a week from Tuesday. I will have my endorsements up sometime after this Tuesday.

This is not "Vote or Die". Voting is important, but it is even more important to know what you are voting for.