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October 31, 2006

My Endorsements

With one week left until the election, now seems like just as good of a time as any to give my endorsements and the reasoning behind each. I doubt anyone should leave this post too surprised.

George Allen (R) vs. James Webb (D) for U.S. Senate representing Virginia: Despite the troubles facing him recently, I whole heartedly give my support to George Allen for U.S. Senate. He has shown a dedication to his office, the American troops, and most importantly, the people of Virginia. He is dedicated to continuing to lower taxes, helping to keep this strong economy running at its current pace, and encouraging strong education to ensure the future of Virginia. He recognizes the importance of the War on Terror and will not just abandon Iraq, the way his opponent has suggested we do.

James Webb has proven next to nothing in this election. He has not run this campaign, his staff has 100%; how will he be ready to take on one of the hardest jobs in the world? He has taken only one stand of note, that being his opposition to the War in Iraq. And Democrats have claimed that Webb has stayed positive in this race. Democrats have been very negative in this race, and one has to go no further than Raising Kaine to see the worst of it. James Webb has taken no definitive stance on any of the negative attacks made on his opponent; he might as well have condoned the actions of his supporters. The office of U.S. Senator requires its holder to have opinions; as of yet, I am unaware of James Webb having any. Will he vote with Democrats? Will he vote with Republicans? I do not know about you, but I have never much cared for games of chance with respect to politics.

Tom Davis (R) vs. Andrew Hurst (D) and Frank Wolf (R) vs. Judy Feder (D) for U.S. Congress representing most of northern Virginia: An easy party-line choice with Tom Davis and Frank Wolf is available in northern Virginia. They have both served faithfully for years, and have enjoyed great support in their offices. I cannot say I was too keen on Congressman Davis's support for giving Washington D.C. a full congressional seat, but this can be overlooked. Hurst and Feder have been unable to keep up with their opponents and this probably will not change. Why both candidates here? I only vote in one district, but I have interests in both and feel secure in giving full endorsements for both (I will give preferred candidates later in this post; people whom I will not give a full endorsement as I cannot vote for them and I find endorsements from people outside of one's district to run against the idea of a representative government).

The Marshall-Newman Amendment: Vote YES for this amendment. Many have tried to frame this debate as a hit to any form of contract made in Virginia. If you read the amendment, it is clear. Marriage is and always has been defined as between one man and one woman. While I do not normally favor such amendments, the recent upsurge in legislation from the judiciary suggests that the only way to keep this secure is to have it explicitly stated in law and directly supported by the people of Virginia.

Measure #2: Vote YES. Non-profit organizations are allowed to be incorporated by the state, but churches are normally not included amongst them. Why? As this is not a question concerning the usually misused "seperation of church and state", the incorporation of churches by the state of Virginia should be allowed.

Measure #3: Vote YES. No doubt growth has been rapid in Virginia, but there are some areas that are not experiencing this. And worse, some areas are falling apart. This amendment could encourage growth in other areas, and improvement in the areas that need it most. Saying no to this amendment will not slow growth, but saying yes might encourage smart growth.

Other preferred candidates:

Thelma Drake over Phil Kellam for U.S. Congress: Congresswoman Drake, much like her associates Wolf and Davis, has faithfully served the Commonwealth and deserves another term.

George W....err, Michael Steele over Ben Cardin for U.S. Senate: Much like here in Virginia, Democrats' main attack on the Republican candidate for Senate has been that he is too much like George Bush. Funny, I did not think George Bush was running for two Senate seats. Ben Cardin has failed to answer to his opponent. Michael Steele has shown a true love for his state, and a passion for what he does. His stands are firm, and while I do not agree with all of them, I know he will do what he believes is best and not pander to voters. Plus, he has arguably had the best ads of this campaign season; I am starting to tire of this election and the negative ads flying all over the place from all sides, but Michael Steele has affirmed me of at least one good thing; he loves puppies, and to be sure, he loves the people of Maryland.

Joseph Lieberman over Michael Schlessinger and Ned Lamont for U.S. Senate: I do not normally get behind third party candidates; in fact, I think it is a fantasy to believe that a third party can thrive in today's political climate. However, Senator Lieberman has a lot of power behind his name, and thus can bring in the money that many third party candidates cannot; thus he has had a successful campaign so far. I do not know much about Schlessinger, the Republican candidate, but have heard some rumblings that he has some character issues and never did see significant support. And Ned Lamont is the Kos crowd's favorite, and thus will not represent the needs of America, but the wants of a small fringe group. Joseph Lieberman is a liberal to be sure; in reality, there is very little about his views that I find viable. But anyone is favorable when compared to a Kos endorsee. And like Michael Steele, he knows what he believes and sticks to it. As an added bonus, he gives very strong support for our national defense, more so even than some Republicans. If there is a Democrat (well, Independant, but we know where his loyalties lie) to vote for this year, Joseph Lieberman is that man.

In seven days, we will be voting on our representatives for the next two (or six) years. Democrats believe that this will be the year of great upheaval resulting in their own 1994. It is time to prove them wrong and ensure that President Bush has a legislature that will allow him to do what is necessary for America over the next two years.