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November 07, 2006

No Major Surprises in Virginia Yet

Right now, Senator Allen holds a very slim lead on James Webb, but many of the precincts in Northern Virginia have voted, so there is reason for (guarded) optimism. Each of the measures are passing by wide margins, currently holding at least one million votes each; the only one that is even seeing a little challenge is Measure One, and it is a full 300,000 back right now. Davis, Drake, Wolf (Republicans), Boucher, and Moran (Democrats) are all winning; Virgil Goode is, of course, smoking Al Weed.

Elsewhere, Democrats do appear to be making some gains though, which might make tonight bittersweet if current trends hold up. Steele is called to lose, as is Ehrlich, at a very early point. Too much reliance on exit polling? We'll see. It's not all over though. Joe Lieberman is projected to win, further proving that Markos Moulitsas is the fringe, not the mainstream. Corker in TN is looking safe.

326 precincts left in Virginia, and the lead stands at 1,333 votes. Cross your fingers everyone.