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November 06, 2006

It is Finally Upon Us

Election Day is tomorrow, and rather than prognosticate, attack, or even ramble about it, I am going to do what all candidates and pundits should do on the Monday before Election Day: give only a short statement (seriously, who is going to change their mind about who to vote for or whether or not to vote at this point?). My endorsements are here if you really have not yet made your mind up. The choices are obvious. All that is left is for turnout, so if you are Republican, remind your Republican friends to vote. Remind your friends who support George Allen to vote. Remind your friends who support Measure One to vote.

The polls mean nothing (particularly as none seem to agree). The pundits know nothing. The media impacts nothing. Cindy Sheehan is nothing (geez, along with Bill Clinton, James Webb has lost all integrity letting these people campaign for him). If enough of us get out and vote, none of those things will matter. Let's prove that Virginia is indeed a Red State.