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February 22, 2007

This gets a little scary

Carl Kilo has shown me more information concerning my earlier post on the attack on a Republican in Fredericksburg. Michelle Malkin reports that Andrew Stone used Facebook to seek out as many UMW CRs as possible. And this man tries to suggest that he is anti-violence! I have been on Facebook for a while myself, and can see that Stone's profile still exists, though I cannot access information in it (somewhat ironic since Facebook profiles are more open now than they have ever been). I know I will now be restricting further who can see my profile.

So let's review, add a complete loon with a little too much information being available on Facebook, and you have a recipe for danger. And it gets a little more daunting. Michelle Malkin says the attacker is a little over six feet tall and two hundred pounds; I am no shrimp myself, but Stone is clearly larger than I am, and if I had been the target, I would expect to be in a hospital bed right now.

And do not be naive; this isn't happening everyday, but this thought process is. He again shows the moonbattery of the Democratic Underground, and has done so many times in the past. This could very well happen again, so be careful with whom you associate with and, in particular, with who you let in your house.

And thanks for pointing this out to me Carl. I am spreading this one as much as I can (ironically enough, that includes on Facebook).

UPDATE 1:50 PM: Interestingly enough, I have not yet seen any Virginia liberal bloggers post on this topic yet, beyond Richmond Democrat's half-baked theory in my earlier post that it may have been a Republican attacking these young men. Wise move, or are they afraid of the repercussions of this event in general?