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March 24, 2005

Big problem in Social Security

New estimates place Social Security going bankrupt in 2041. This means that people who are currently in their mid-20s can expect to be the first to NOT receive Social Security. This problem needs to be resolved now, while there is still time for young adults to get personal investments in Social Security. Don't listen to the people who are against privatization. Current recipients will not lose benefits, and knowing that it may not be around in 35 years, even a risk might be worth taking right now. At least it might have the potential to save this program. Do I like Social Security? Not really, people need to be more responsible in saving money for retirement, but there will be people who won't, and a backup being available for them might be necessary. Just a quick nod to this, but people our age need to get active on this now, or some of our peers may be struggling to survive just a few years after they retire.